27 August 2018 Metro Manila, PH


About The Conference

We held a token news conference that also launched Token News PH at the Event Hall of the Okada Manila in Philippines, last August 27, Monday.

At the media conference, 21 local media visitors came and a press conference was held before the event. Everyone who came from each country have excellent technologies, ideas and know-how, we talked to the media about each of the developed services. Guests who are familiar with the field of crypto currencies from abroad seemed to be in the event, famous politicians and businessman also came from the local areas of the Philippines.

Mr. Takarabe, the representative of the newly opened Philippine Branch, talked about this during the event.

There were 500 visitors predicted before the event, but the number of people who actually came was about 621 people. However, according to officials at the venue, in fact, people closer to 1000 were visiting. It was the first large-scale conference for block chains in the Philippines. But, in the great success, we closed the curtain.

Project Overview


Shogo Ishida

Marketing Director

Quanta is the platform of the Blockchain Lottery that got the gaming license for the first time in the world.The lottery made on Ethereum is a new era product that solves the problem of traditional lottery, more transparent and fairness. Even in a speech, I told you very clearly how Quanta is a fair and transparent lottery platform, as an example of a Filipino male’s lottery that was a big topic in the Philippines recently.
Said by the Marketing Director Mr. Ishida of Quanta.

Visit their site: https://www.quanta.im


Oya Koc

CEO & Founder

From Koc CEO of UNAITY, we discussed about innovative technology combining AI and language.Today, in this globalized world, participants from various countries also came to this conference, but the language barrier always sticks.
In touch with Oyraa, the first product of Koc’s CEO, UNAITY’s platform she is developing is definitely essential for people all over the world in a world that is expected to become more globalized in the future, It can be said that it is an essential technology.


Thomas Ng

Finance Managing Director

An “Acute Angle Cloud” which was developed from their long experience of solving the size of power of the problem of traditional mining and the unprofitable part of expensive machines and how was the difficulty of mining.Also, during the cocktail party, we conducted a raffle draw which had benefit the guests to win our product and luckily five winners won our wonderful products.

Visit their site: https://www.acuteangle.com


Yoshihiro Kanemitsu

Makers Farm Pte. Ltd. CEO & Co-Founder

From coincome Kanemitsu CEO; we discussed about a token “CIM” that can be charged and used by every means of payment everyday, and “CIM” is easily obtained by everyone in everyday life, the world’s first distributed cashback service “COINCOME”.
The foundation was aimed by redefining the digital marketing market of US $ 235.5 billion, which was built by a unique tracking system that does not rely on cookies, which utilizes block chains to solve GDPR and ITP issues.

Visit their site: https://cimcome.io




Next generation experiencing virtual entertainment platform “ANGELIUM” by 3DCG using VR by creators of movies and matrices. In the virtual world, we talked about international projects that will enable various things from music, fashion, games to learning.Inform their stories that the next generation of entertainment can be imagined concretely where they excite people who were in the venue, and received a round of applause as the final presenter of the event and ended his speech.
Were said by The CEO Mr. Rio Takeshi of ANGELIUM.

Visit their site: https://angelium.net

MiningDataLab inc



With seven years of vast amount of mining data and achievements, we have done equipment development, installation of mining farm, operation, and all consulting about mining.

Even for those who do not have knowledge about mining, it was easy to understand the concept and merit of mining.

Visit their site: http://miningdatalab.com

Infinito Wallet

Ellena Ki

Product Marketing Leader

We grant access to keeping, sending and receiving major cryptographic currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Lite Coin, EOS, Doge, Dash, as well as ETH ERC 20, NEO NEP – all tokens built on smart contract blockchains. It is required to manage as a separate wallet, which is extremely difficult to manage depending on coins.Not only can it be managed all at once, but also their innovative wallets that will be able to participate more smoothly when participating in the ICO and those who can start new encryption currencies will be the most user friendly wallet.

Visit their site: https://www.infinitowallet.io

Token News

Yuki Takarabe


Mr. Yuki Takarabe indicatedto Filipinos that cryptocurrency is not a fraud, because people in the Philippines were skeptical and had a bad perception about Cryptocurrency. It all happened due to a lot of scams that occurred previously in Philippines. Mr.Takarabe offered a free seminar about cryptocurrency at his office with an expectation to create more opportunities for the young generation.

Visit their site: https://tokennews-hk.com

Event Organizer

Token News PH

Blockchain enterprises are cropping up all over the world and our goal is to keep you informed of the situation. We are convinced that we can create an unprecedented future by using this technology. Meanwhile, even though blockchain currently faces very few regulation, Token News believes it is important to develop businesses in accordance with existing or potential laws and regulations. Projects that do not conform to regulations promise no future, no matter how attractive they may appear. Blockchain technology has the power to change the world by improving current businesses and enabling new ones.