SMX Convention Center Manila

25 November 2018 Metro Manila, PH


About The Conference

So far we have held conferences in Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and now in Philippines.

To further improve the possibilities of Blockchain, We will continue to play the role as an exchange platform for “Investment, Technology, Idea, and Regulation” The upcoming conference theme is about the Exchanges that remarkable growing in recent years and also about the Policies and Regulation of the Blockchain Industry in the Philippines, we are gathering speakers and projects from around the world to come to Manila.

Panel Discussion


First Topic: Exchange



Second Topic: Security Token

Second Topic: Security Token


Project Overview

Wowoo Exchange

NORI Takayama

Founder & CEO of Sisius Capital Hk Ltd
CMO Of Wowoo X Singapore Pte

The Wowoo Exchange, based in Singapore, is a truly global and regulatory compliant digital asset exchange. It is developing a means of making worldwide compliance feasible for token issuers and secondary market traders. Additionally, Wowoo Exchange will seek to address the problem of liquidity fragmentation across the globe and work towards setting a new standard for digital assets exchange security.

The Wowoo Exchange shares its parent company with the Wowoo ICO Platform, which aims to build a virtual community and sustainable ecosystem.

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Shunsuke Kurata

Marketing Manager

Wowoo is a blockchain project which aims to design an ecosystem for supporting and connecting people that wants to build the blockchain project and people who wants to support these projects. The final objective is to breath in new value into inspiring projects and to create financial value towards good deeds with new technology.
Not only we take actions globally, cooperating with Liberty ecosystem which is supported by American government and making donation to University of Technology in Malaysia for constructing cooperative project to enhance the development of blockchain technology, but also we support and provide tools for vairous needs. Moreover, individual users will be able to receive numerous types of futuristic services such as new entertainment.

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Sound Blockchain Technology

Brave Brother

Record Producer and Song Writer

Sound Blockchain Technology (SBT) Sdn Bhd is a blockchain focused company registered in Malaysia. It offers an end-to-end solution in blockchain development, application design, training, and consultancy. In today’s fast technology advancements staying innovative is a priority to survive as a business, that is why SBT has a dedicated team focused on research and development in emerging technologies. Besides, it aspires to expand services and market to other regions in the nearest future.

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Roger Ver


Bitcoin is one of the most transformative technologies since the invention of the Internet. stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that Bitcoin provides globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in a permissionless and decentralized network which empowers people to not be marginalized by governments and financial institutions. Bitcoin is freedom.

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Jessie Lee

Project Manager

Blotocol Group is a technology group focused on block chain technology. Not just for system development, we also provide efficient service with RPA ( Robotic Process Automation) for back office operation management.

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AP Coin

Sisowath Noryvong Nikko


Our purpose is to make an accessible environment for ease of financial services available for people in South East Asia and all over the world on this project. To achieve this purpose, we intend to support the poor through our financial institution and offer epoch-making services compared to existing banking services through a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

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Ted Oh

Chief Customer Officer

STASIA connect rising K-Pop stars(idol group) to fans worldwide. Each idol group issue tokens named after their them under STASIA platform. Fans can support their idol by purchasing the idol token with cryptocurrencies and participating in various fan activities. Idols then reward their token holders with discounts and authentic fan experiences that cannot be bought elsewhere. These include but not limited to concert backstage tour, special fan meeting and exclusive digital content. We call this new type of community that enable next level of fan-artist relationship “Crypto-Fandom”.

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Paolo Bediones


LoyalCoin is the universal customer loyalty platform that serves as the next-generation rewards solution for companies around the world. The LoyalCoin token serves as a utility token that will be the medium of exchange in the new rewards ecosystem, where customers earn LoyalCoin when spending at participating merchants, and then use LoyalCoin to redeem rewards, convert into vouchers, and even exchange for fiat and crypto currencies.

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Ethan Wu

Chief Business Director

Primary Market Integrated Service Platform for blockchain projects. Coindaily is devoted to the primary market of blockchain projects, and is determined to provide one-stop information diffusion, investment decision consultancy, post-investment tracking services, and other project-specific.

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Yasu Kikuta


Today, we’d like to announce an update on the coming Liberty Project, which will be launched with the cooperation of ACU, using Wowoo platform as we have previously reported.

Liberty Ecosystem is the world’s first project aiming to combining national politics and blockchain. The concept of Liberty Ecosystem is to protect and expand the liberty of individuals, communities and nations.

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Event Organizer

Token News PH

Blockchain enterprises are cropping up all over the world and our goal is to keep you informed of the situation. We are convinced that we can create an unprecedented future by using this technology. Meanwhile, even though blockchain currently faces very few regulation, Token News believes it is important to develop businesses in accordance with existing or potential laws and regulations. Projects that do not conform to regulations promise no future, no matter how attractive they may appear. Blockchain technology has the power to change the world by improving current businesses and enabling new ones.